Student Council


Welcome to our new first years
Iseult Sheahan
Sophie Gorman
Anna Brennock
Who joined in January!

Well done to Yemen, Scotland, Fuji, Barbados and Madagascar for winning their heats for the Countdown World Cup. Well done to all the teams that took part. A big thank you to all the house captains for organising their teams.
Make sure to check the student council notice board regularly for updates

Thank you to the ministers of the Eucharist that administered the ashes to the students and teachers on Ash Wednesday!


The student council is a group of students from First to Sixth year who meet together to try and make improvements to benefit the whole school community.

Currently there are 16 members:


2nd Year-
Gemma Murphy
Sarah Feely
Lucy Crowe

3RD Year-
Laura Ferry
Della Wales
Jenny Sparrow

4TH Year-
Lisa Nolan
Rachael Ortiz
Steffi Irvine

5th Year-
Sophie Maleady
Caroline Costello
Becca Ng

6th Year-
Tuathla Greene
Rachel Cuddy
Emer Vaughan
Kate Nolan