Hockey 2016-2017

Hockey is a very popular sport here in Muckross with a wide range of teams. Teams are entered from each year, the First Year teams, the Minor teams (2nd Year), the Junior teams (3rd Year plus any  4th Year born in 2001) and finally the Seniors who range from 4th to 6th Year. This year- September 2016 we have 8 senior teams, 6 junior teams, 5 minor teams and over 100 first years participating in hockey!

Due to the mixing of years as you get older, hockey is a great way to get to know new people not only in your year but also in the years above and below you! It is a great way to get some exercise and you’re always moving on the pitch!

Every team takes part in a league and matches are played on Saturday mornings. The aim is to make it out of your group and continue into the quarter finals and so on, but most importantly it is to have fun, get some exercise and get involved!